Friday, June 24, 2011


As we get closer to Peru, my travel buddies and I have decided to fast.  Each person took two days, so that someone will be fasting everyday until the day we leave.  I just finished my fast!  I am so excited to say that God does provide.  I prayed and He saw me through it.  I am grateful that I had that time to reflect and spend with Him. 

I am constantly reminded of God's love.  He is good, all of the time.  I was in the car with the kids, and just the right song came on.  It lifted my spirits and I praised Him.  I love that.  Tyler and Carter are even starting to sing the songs they hear.  Carter's favorite is 'Our God is Greater'.  It is so sweet to hear him sing it.  Of course that is the only part he knows, which makes it more sweet.  Tyler's favorite has a part that says 'Where you go I go, where you stay I stay'.  It is awesome, because he is asking questions about what the song means.  I am able to tell him more and more about Jesus. 

I pray that you are able to see God's love.  His beauty is all around us.