Sunday, October 14, 2012

My Blue Chair

My husband and I are doing some decorating.  We are finally trying to grow our house into our life.  Which really means functional, durable pieces. We are a family of 3 destructive, messy boys.  We are also cheap, so off to thrift stores, Ikea and grandparents attics.  We decided that we needed to add color to our very beige house.  So red tables, green lamps, striped pillows and kids artwork now align our walls. 

On a recent trip to my favorite thrift shop I came across a faded blue wicker chair.  This chair is totally awesome! It has an upholstered seat, with real metal springs, worn arms and a deep back.  I was immediately drawn to this chair. This chair called my name! It is beaten up, grungy, and worn out.  Someone probably set it just hoping to make a few extra dollars, not thinking there was much life left in this old chair.  It was probably discarded because its not that pretty, its not new or shiny.  There are wicker pieces that are missing.  The seat needs new fabric.  It is dirty. But it is sooo cool!!

This has become my new favorite spot.  I have barely dusted it off.  The seat needs more fluff added, and cleaned but I love to sit in it.  It has a slight smell of must.  Yet I still sit in it.  I am drawn to this chair.  I love the story that it calls to me.  I love the imperfections, and the life that it represents.  I love the rough edges and the heart of this chair.

I know, right now you think I have totally lost my mind.  But follow me for a minute.  Isn't Jesus drawn to us?  Aren't we worn, damaged and beaten up?  Some of us might even be a little musty. Jesus tells us to come all who are weary, find strength in the shadow of His wings.  Find comfort for those who are heavy laden.  We could have been discarded, just like my blue chair, but Jesus came to take care of us. Jesus is always there to rescue us, he always loves us and is there for us. 

I think my blue chair represents the crazy of my life.  I have been through lots of ups and downs.  I have done things that I regret.  No matter what, I find that Jesus is always calling to me.  He is always ready to restore me and clean me up.  I pray that every time I pass my blue chair that I remember all that God has done for me.  He is my savior and always will be!