Sunday, September 21, 2014

Train Tracks

I need to start off by saying I am a great mom.  I would never intentionally put my kids in harms way, unless, perhaps, there was this one time… hypothetically, of course. 

Every morning during the school year it is the same routine.  Wake up, wake up kids, start coffee, wake up kids again, then fix breakfast.  Then there is that period of time in the morning that the kids are eating, and I am in the background making lunches, guzzling coffee, and fetching the things they have forgotten.  

The last 15 minutes before we leave the house is also straight up chaotic!  I have tried so hard to not make it so crazy, but it usually turns out the same.  Me yelling, the kids grabbing their book bags, and shoes and heading to the car.  We drive out of the neighborhood while the kids are still getting strapped in. 

Our commute in the morning is about 30 minutes one way.  If we don't leave the house at exactly 7:25 am, then we will be 10 minutes late to school because of all the traffic.  This particular morning we left at 7:30, so I was trying my hardest to make up for the time.  

The light turned red.  I inched forward, I knew better… NEVER stop on a railroad track.  I am usually so careful.  But, I thought, we're running behind, I need to pull up and try to make it through the next light.    

That's when the unexpected happened!

The railroad lights started blinking, the bells started ringing.  Sheer panic overcame me.  The arms of the railroad gate came crashing down ON my car!!

Ya'll I would like to tell you  I responded differently.  I would like to tell you that I did not panic, that I kept cool, calm and level headed.  

Folks…. I FREAKED!

I froze.  I tried to backup… but there was a car in my way.  I could see the train lights coming around the bend.  The conductor was blowing his horn.  I unbuckled my seat belt.  I looked at my kids, I looked around at the other cars just staring at me.  I felt trapped…  I felt stuck… I made a bad decision that was going to put my whole family in danger.  

That's when, by the grace of God, I managed to get control over my self, and the situation.  I still had a few moments before the train was going to hit.  I calmly put my car in drive and pulled across the tracks.  

It was that easy.  There was a big enough space for me to pull through the crossing arms and be safely on the other side.  I parked the car in the nearest lot.  I was shaking, half crying, and thanking Jesus for His protection!!!

Meanwhile the other cars around me were staring at me like I was a complete idiot!!  And I was!

Doesn't this happen all the time.  Well, hopefully not literally.  But we are constantly getting stopped in the tracks of life.  Fear takes over, we complicate things.  When we can't go backwards and fix something we have done, we panic.  We freeze.  Then sweet Jesus comes in and shows us a path that is not complicated.  He guides us through the crossing arms to  safely rest on the other side.  

Thank you Jesus for keeping us safe that day.  I learned not only never ever never stop on the train tracks, but also not to look behind me at the past. 

 My God, my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold and my refuge, my savior; you save me from violence.  I call upon the LORD, who is worthy to be praised, and I am saved from my enemies.

2 Samuel 22:3-4

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Seriously? I need to clear something up

Y'all, I was just looking through Facebook, you know that place you go to when you have nothing else to do, aka, all the time!

I came across an article title which read,  12 Pinterest Trends that need to go Away.  I was amused, because quite frankly I love me some Pinterest!  As I read the list I came to the eighth trend listed, and I stopped in my tracks… Pinterest parenting advice, especially "mommy blogs".  Wait… What?  Are you talking about me?

I have a "mommy blog"….  Then I kept reading.  They are talking about the mommy's who give advice and whose kids are dressed in matching clothes.  You know the ones I'm talking about!  They have super cute craft ideas, like building the Eieffel Tower out of toothpicks, or use wooden pallets to create a couch.  They are well versed, fully manicured and volunteer at every school function.

Well, Let me clear something up before you get the wrong idea.  I am NOT like that!  I am completely honest about the mess of a family we are.

Although, sometimes we do crafts from Pinterest.  They usually end up messy, completely unrecognizable and someone is always crying at the end, (Most of the time its me.)

There was this one time I volunteered to be room mom for my son's preschool, yeah, I showed up to the party a half an hour later.  I was in charge.  You know, craft, snack, drink, book…yup…LATE!

There was this other time I told my son's teacher that I could come every. single. week to read to the class.  I came three times! THREE TIMES!!  I am a really good beginning of the year mom, but sometime around Halloween I just can't take it.

The matching clothes.  I got that one covered…My kids totally match.  At least I am sure they have something that matched in their drawer somewhere, they may not be wearing it together at that moment, but, sure they totally match.  Seriously, half the time their hair isn't brushed, one is wearing cowboy boots with shorts in 90 degree heat, and the other one wants to wear nothing but camouflage!

I am not THAT mom.  I will not pretend to have it all together, because, no one ever really does.  It might look good on the outside, but there is something messy.  I am proud of my messes.  I like that my kids eat spaghettio's for breakfast.  It's ok! The food police did not knock on my door and arrest me.  My kids were not hungry, and a fight was diverted.

When I am messy, that is when God can move around.  That is when I need him, when I call on him.

So, I am rejoicing that I am not one of those moms… You can come sit a spell at my sticky kitchen table and I will tell you all about it.  Or just hang out in my little corner of blog world, and maybe you can appreciate that you my sweet messy friend, you are not alone!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Preschool mommas, HOLLA!

This is for all of those Preschool mommas out there…

I saw you.  You had a cheerful smile on your face, a Starbucks in your hand and a pep in your step.  I was there too…  Ahhh, TARGET WITHOUT kids.  Its like a mini vacation!

We were able to look at every single scarf.  We looked at all of the cute new fall fashions, maxi skirts and funky Tee's.  The best part was I actually got to try on clothes!  (I did, I tried on two dresses, a top, and a pair of shorts.)  It was glorious!  No one was peaking under the dressing room door, no one was saying, "mom your belly looks weird", no one asking to play my phone, and fighting with their brother.

Glorious, Pure Glorious I say!!

It didn't stop there.  I tried shoes on.  Even the really high heels that I would never wear.  Why?  Because I could!  I did not even look at the kid shoes.  Glorious!

You didn't stop there did you mommas?  Nope, you walked through every single aisle!  You wandered through the lamps, daydreamed about a new duvet cover, and relished in the mirrors.  Did you see that Target has pretty new paint colors?  Yup, It was right beside the peel and stick wall paper.  I know, Right?  Totally cute.  Did you stand there like me, wandering where you could stick up that bad boy?  Yep!  Glorious!

Ya'll, did you see the pillows?  Super cute!  Did you wander through the makeup aisle?  Yeah, that was pretty awesome too.  We even had time to look at the clearance jewelry.  Yes, that blue beaded long necklace was ahhmazing… It was tempting!  

Target is a magical place.  Walking the "loop" is like walking into Narnia.  A magical world  filled with  enchanting maxi skirts and chambray shirts.  Cute flats and metallic belts.  Flowery scarves and chevron pillows.  

Mommas, I hope you enjoyed your magical land of Target.  Drink up that Carmel Frappuccino and add the whip.  Here's a toast to you!  You deserve it!   Bask in the Gloriousiness of the glossy aisles!!

Yup! Glorious!

( P.S. See ya tomorrow!  I mean, we have 4 hours a day, and we have to get groceries, right?)