Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Preschool mommas, HOLLA!

This is for all of those Preschool mommas out there…

I saw you.  You had a cheerful smile on your face, a Starbucks in your hand and a pep in your step.  I was there too…  Ahhh, TARGET WITHOUT kids.  Its like a mini vacation!

We were able to look at every single scarf.  We looked at all of the cute new fall fashions, maxi skirts and funky Tee's.  The best part was I actually got to try on clothes!  (I did, I tried on two dresses, a top, and a pair of shorts.)  It was glorious!  No one was peaking under the dressing room door, no one was saying, "mom your belly looks weird", no one asking to play my phone, and fighting with their brother.

Glorious, Pure Glorious I say!!

It didn't stop there.  I tried shoes on.  Even the really high heels that I would never wear.  Why?  Because I could!  I did not even look at the kid shoes.  Glorious!

You didn't stop there did you mommas?  Nope, you walked through every single aisle!  You wandered through the lamps, daydreamed about a new duvet cover, and relished in the mirrors.  Did you see that Target has pretty new paint colors?  Yup, It was right beside the peel and stick wall paper.  I know, Right?  Totally cute.  Did you stand there like me, wandering where you could stick up that bad boy?  Yep!  Glorious!

Ya'll, did you see the pillows?  Super cute!  Did you wander through the makeup aisle?  Yeah, that was pretty awesome too.  We even had time to look at the clearance jewelry.  Yes, that blue beaded long necklace was ahhmazing… It was tempting!  

Target is a magical place.  Walking the "loop" is like walking into Narnia.  A magical world  filled with  enchanting maxi skirts and chambray shirts.  Cute flats and metallic belts.  Flowery scarves and chevron pillows.  

Mommas, I hope you enjoyed your magical land of Target.  Drink up that Carmel Frappuccino and add the whip.  Here's a toast to you!  You deserve it!   Bask in the Gloriousiness of the glossy aisles!!

Yup! Glorious!

( P.S. See ya tomorrow!  I mean, we have 4 hours a day, and we have to get groceries, right?)


  1. Love target. Love the summer...but also love back to school. I always have. You trip me out girl!

  2. Love this! We recently moved to New Zealand and I miss me some Target! Walking around the Pak n Save with a few stray birds flying around just isn't the same. Even without kids.