Friday, November 22, 2013

Fives on Friday (Finally)

Here are FIVE of my favorite songs right now.  Enjoy!

1- 10,000 reasons; Matt Redman

My kiddos sing this song constantly.  I love hearing there sweet little voices belt it out!

2- Give me Faith; Elevation Worship

Almost every time I hear this song I have to stop what I am doing and just lift my hands up!

3-Lead me to the Cross; Hillsong United

This song has special meaning for me.  We sang this in Peru at every village we visited.  It is a representation of that trip and what Jesus did to me, and through me.

4- White Flag; Chris Tomlin

I love this...Makes me feel ready to go out for Jesus!!

5-One Thing Remains; Jesus Culture

This song gives me hope.  No matter what I am going through...Jesus never gives up!

Take some time and listen to these songs.  Allow God to speak to your heart today!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

my littles...

In keeping with my other posts of prayer I wanted to share with you my biggest prayers come true!
I pray for them daily.  I lay hands on the them, I pray for them while they are at school.  I pray for their futures, and for their hearts.  I pray that they hold on to Jesus through out their lives.  I pray that they learn from my mistakes, and learn that God is gracious and kind and merciful.  I pray that they use their Dad as an example of a Godly man, one who seeks the Lord in all decisions.  I pray they will be great Godly men who make a difference for Jesus.

God granted me with three amazing little men! These three are His! 

Tyler- The "T"man

Kind, loving, he has the gifts of faith, mercy, and evangelism.  Strong, creative, bold. 

Carter Joe- Silly 'Cartersauce"

Loving, creative, kind hearted, silly, witty.  He has the gift of discernment, mercy and serving.  Natural leader.  Encourager.

Walker James- "Bonafied" Goober

He is funny, always make you laugh.  Kind, caring.  His gifts are mercy, faith, and giving.  He is a natural protector. 

This season is a time of thankfulness.  I am beyond thankful for my three kiddos.  I am so blessed to be their momma.  Even when they paint with yogurt.  Even when they track mud throughout the house.  Even when they pee in public.  Even when they are more than I can handle, I know that God is handling them.  Growing them, growing me.

Are you thankful? 

"Praise the Lord! Oh, give thanks to the Lord for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever"
Psalm 106:1

P.S. While I am writing this, my younger two were playing innocently in the backyard, so I thought.  They snuck and turned the water hose on.  They got soaked and muddy! It's NOVEMBER people!!  Hello....Sometimes I have to pray over and over "Give thanks to the Lord, His steadfast love endures" These children are a gift, with no exchange policy....

Friday, November 15, 2013

I Pray

"I pray because I can't help myself.  I pray because I'm helpless.  I pray because the need flows out of me all the time-waking and sleeping.  It does not change God-it changes ME". ~ C.S. Lewis

Are you praying for something?  Are you praying for someone?  What are you praying for?  What are you praying about?
Are you allowing God's will for your life?  

Don't take prayer for granted.  Let the Holy Spirit intervene for you.  Allow yourself to succumb to the Lord.  Listen. Sit Still. Be patient. Be bold. 

Be still and know that I am God.
Psalm 46:10

Fives on Friday

Hey Y'all!
Fives on Friday is all about randomness. I will list five things each week...Whatever they may be. Hold on for the ride, you never know is swimming up in here!

Five things that I say almost everyday:
Don't judge. I lovingly refer to them as "Katieisms"

1- Over Yonder: refers to a location that is not near. "The ball is over yonder, can you please go get it?"

2- Reckon: mostly used to agree with someone. "Sure! I reckon we can go to a movie."

3- Full as a Tick: When you are hungry as a bear, and eat waaayy too much.

4- Britches: Hopefully your wearing them right now. (If not, I don't want to know)

5- Duh! Really, Who does that?: I had to combine these...They go together. Usually accompanied with "Hey, Y'all watch this"!

Bonus: Y'all: Plural, singular, hey you! Like 15 times a day.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

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Laying Hands=Praying Hands

Do you lay hands?  Do you pray over your family and friends?  No?  Then keep reading...

My first real experience came when I was in Peru for the first time.  We were hiking through the Andes Mountains when we came across a small mud hewn hut.  There were three women standing out front.  Two of them were probably in their mid 30's.  The other woman was in her late 60's.  In the yard was a little girl no more than three playing in the dirt.  As we walked upon their little house the older women ran to meet us.  She had tears in her eyes and she began to speak.  Her words were quiet and soft, but full of intention.  She spoke in Quechua to our translator.  We had no idea what she was saying, but we felt it.  One by one, each of the members of our team started to surround the woman.  The other women in the yard came and joined us.  We quietly stood and listened as the translator spoke to the women.  Then, as if it was the most natural thing in the world, we reached out and touched the woman.  We prayed.  She prayed.  Neither one of us understanding each other, but spiritually speaking, we were completely in sync. 

No one walked away from that experience with dry eyes.  The Holy Spirit was among us.   And not one walked away feeling the same.  Here we were a bunch of Americans walking through the mountains, and there God found us.  God met this lady right where she was.  Broken, desperate, and yearning for more.  More of Him. 

I have learned that laying hands is a gift that God has given us.  Laying hands when people are sick.  Lay hands when people need comfort.  Lay hands when people feel weak.  Lay hands when people are afraid.  Lay hands when people are hurt.

Laying hands is powerful.  I have felt the Holy Spirit’s presence.  His overwhelming power.  Once while riding in a van in Peru a friend had an anxiety attack.  There was no stopping the van.  After all, our driver didn’t look more than 15 years old.  The only thing we could do was pray.  We laid hands on her and prayed like never before.  We prayed for comfort and peace, and stillness.  Jesus showed up, my friend felt relief and comfort. 

My mom recently had surgery.  Before she went into the operating room, I laid hands and prayed.  The Holy Spirit showed up. 

We’ve laid hands on expectant moms and prayed them into their new adventure.  Prayed for a safe delivery and a peaceful motherhood.

I have laid hands on my sick children, my husband’s business trip.  You can lay hands on your teenage drivers car.  Lay hands on a physical building, a church, your home, and a new business. 

Sometimes at night I tiptoe in my kids room.  Quietly, sneaking through the strewn Legos and monster trucks.  I walk up to their bed and gently lay hands on my sweet kiddos.  I pray over them.  I pray for the day and their attitudes.  I pray for their futures and their wives.  I pray that I can be the best mommy I can be for them.  I pray that they show me grace and I show them the same.  Laying hands is powerful. 

My Quechua women had been praying for help to happen upon them.  Their tiny little village was under a dark spirit.  There had been much destruction and killing in her village.  She had been praying for help.  She just didn’t know that help showed up in the form of white faces and hands.  The power of prayer does not have a language barrier.  The power of prayer has no borders. 

I do not have a special power, or claim to be a healer of the sick.  My hands are no more special than your hands.   But I also know, that when we pray, the Holy Spirit shows up.   I believe that Jesus can do anything!!
Will you be so bold in your faith to lay hands?

2 Timothy 1:6
For this reason I remind you to fan into the flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Words for Thought

Lets play a little game.  I say a word and you think of the first thing that comes to your mind.  Ready...Ok...

With each of those words, you probably felt something.  Maybe a distant memory came to the forefront.  Maybe a recent incident was rehashed.  Maybe you felt warmth.  Maybe you felt pain.  Maybe you got a mental picture.

Words make you feel, good or bad.   They have the ability to make you who you are.   Words can define you.  They can cut you down or raise you up. Words speak truth and words tell lies.

Have you ever had someone tell you your outfit looks great?  Wow, I love your necklace!  Or my personal favorite, Have you lost weight?  These are all things that make us feel good.  Lifts our spirit.  Puts a spring in our step.  Then we feel more inclined to pay it forward.  Give someone else a compliment.  Words are encouraging.  Words are powerful. 

Words can be harmful.  They can cut us deep.  A simple statement can rip us to the core.  I have recently felt this, like I had been punched in the stomach, the wind knocked out of me.  Words can hurt.    Some blurt out of hate, some blurt out of anxiety.  Some just don't get "it" at all.  Words can stay with us a life time.  We can hang on to the words someone said and the feelings linger.  Words can change us.   

What we do with our words are what is important.    We should speak truth out of love, and compassion.    The old saying,"what would Jesus Do" comes to mind.  How would he react to a situation, to hurt feelings, or miscommunication?  Life is too short and too precious to leave with words unspoken.  Listen to the tug in our heart to speak words.  The Holy Spirit prompts us to speak.  There is already too much negative in the world, why add to it.  Speak life.  

This little blog is a way for my words to be heard, and be used.  I started this to bring words of encouragement to others.  I want God to use this blog as His voice.  I want Joy to come from my words.  I want moms everywhere to know the Joy that God has given us.  

Lord,  I pray that my words are love.  I want to speak life.  Lord, help me speak truth.  Help me obey your tugging on my heart to speak to someone.  Help me obey your still, small voice.  Allow me to be your instrument and flow from my lips.  I pray that whoever reads this, that their words will be used in love, truth and grace.  I pray that we not only become your hands and feet, but also your voice for the voiceless.  I praise you with my words.  I praise you with all my voice can muster.  Thank you Jesus, for giving us the ability to love with words.  

Immediately his mouth was opened and his tongue was loosed, and he began to speak, praising God.
(Referring to John the Baptist) Luke 1:64

The tongue that brings healing is a tree of life, but a deceitful tongue crushes the spirit.
Proverbs 15:4

Listen to my Four year olds favorite song.  We should all keep this in our hearts.  Speak words of Love.
Words, By Hawk Nelson