Tuesday, November 19, 2013

my littles...

In keeping with my other posts of prayer I wanted to share with you my biggest prayers come true!
I pray for them daily.  I lay hands on the them, I pray for them while they are at school.  I pray for their futures, and for their hearts.  I pray that they hold on to Jesus through out their lives.  I pray that they learn from my mistakes, and learn that God is gracious and kind and merciful.  I pray that they use their Dad as an example of a Godly man, one who seeks the Lord in all decisions.  I pray they will be great Godly men who make a difference for Jesus.

God granted me with three amazing little men! These three are His! 

Tyler- The "T"man

Kind, loving, he has the gifts of faith, mercy, and evangelism.  Strong, creative, bold. 

Carter Joe- Silly 'Cartersauce"

Loving, creative, kind hearted, silly, witty.  He has the gift of discernment, mercy and serving.  Natural leader.  Encourager.

Walker James- "Bonafied" Goober

He is funny, always make you laugh.  Kind, caring.  His gifts are mercy, faith, and giving.  He is a natural protector. 

This season is a time of thankfulness.  I am beyond thankful for my three kiddos.  I am so blessed to be their momma.  Even when they paint with yogurt.  Even when they track mud throughout the house.  Even when they pee in public.  Even when they are more than I can handle, I know that God is handling them.  Growing them, growing me.

Are you thankful? 

"Praise the Lord! Oh, give thanks to the Lord for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever"
Psalm 106:1

P.S. While I am writing this, my younger two were playing innocently in the backyard, so I thought.  They snuck and turned the water hose on.  They got soaked and muddy! It's NOVEMBER people!!  Hello....Sometimes I have to pray over and over "Give thanks to the Lord, His steadfast love endures" These children are a gift, with no exchange policy....

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