Friday, November 15, 2013

Fives on Friday

Hey Y'all!
Fives on Friday is all about randomness. I will list five things each week...Whatever they may be. Hold on for the ride, you never know is swimming up in here!

Five things that I say almost everyday:
Don't judge. I lovingly refer to them as "Katieisms"

1- Over Yonder: refers to a location that is not near. "The ball is over yonder, can you please go get it?"

2- Reckon: mostly used to agree with someone. "Sure! I reckon we can go to a movie."

3- Full as a Tick: When you are hungry as a bear, and eat waaayy too much.

4- Britches: Hopefully your wearing them right now. (If not, I don't want to know)

5- Duh! Really, Who does that?: I had to combine these...They go together. Usually accompanied with "Hey, Y'all watch this"!

Bonus: Y'all: Plural, singular, hey you! Like 15 times a day.

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