Thursday, September 18, 2014

Seriously? I need to clear something up

Y'all, I was just looking through Facebook, you know that place you go to when you have nothing else to do, aka, all the time!

I came across an article title which read,  12 Pinterest Trends that need to go Away.  I was amused, because quite frankly I love me some Pinterest!  As I read the list I came to the eighth trend listed, and I stopped in my tracks… Pinterest parenting advice, especially "mommy blogs".  Wait… What?  Are you talking about me?

I have a "mommy blog"….  Then I kept reading.  They are talking about the mommy's who give advice and whose kids are dressed in matching clothes.  You know the ones I'm talking about!  They have super cute craft ideas, like building the Eieffel Tower out of toothpicks, or use wooden pallets to create a couch.  They are well versed, fully manicured and volunteer at every school function.

Well, Let me clear something up before you get the wrong idea.  I am NOT like that!  I am completely honest about the mess of a family we are.

Although, sometimes we do crafts from Pinterest.  They usually end up messy, completely unrecognizable and someone is always crying at the end, (Most of the time its me.)

There was this one time I volunteered to be room mom for my son's preschool, yeah, I showed up to the party a half an hour later.  I was in charge.  You know, craft, snack, drink, book…yup…LATE!

There was this other time I told my son's teacher that I could come every. single. week to read to the class.  I came three times! THREE TIMES!!  I am a really good beginning of the year mom, but sometime around Halloween I just can't take it.

The matching clothes.  I got that one covered…My kids totally match.  At least I am sure they have something that matched in their drawer somewhere, they may not be wearing it together at that moment, but, sure they totally match.  Seriously, half the time their hair isn't brushed, one is wearing cowboy boots with shorts in 90 degree heat, and the other one wants to wear nothing but camouflage!

I am not THAT mom.  I will not pretend to have it all together, because, no one ever really does.  It might look good on the outside, but there is something messy.  I am proud of my messes.  I like that my kids eat spaghettio's for breakfast.  It's ok! The food police did not knock on my door and arrest me.  My kids were not hungry, and a fight was diverted.

When I am messy, that is when God can move around.  That is when I need him, when I call on him.

So, I am rejoicing that I am not one of those moms… You can come sit a spell at my sticky kitchen table and I will tell you all about it.  Or just hang out in my little corner of blog world, and maybe you can appreciate that you my sweet messy friend, you are not alone!

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