Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Stepping Back

Have you ever been in the middle of chaos (With the 3 boys, it pretty much happens everyday!)  I feel that I am constantly surrounded by noise all day long.  Sometimes it is joyful, sometimes it is not.  Today I was standing in the kitchen hearing nothing but noise and I stopped.   I stopped moving, talking.... Sometimes stopping is a gift.  Just being still in the middle of chaos is a gift.  Stepping back and looking at the situation.  I saw three boys playing together.  Not fighting, not yelling, not fussing, just playing.  Getting along with each other.  That's another gift.  It warmed my heart to see them like this.  I was able to see these silly boys in full peaceful joy.

I am glad that God gives us the ability to step back and watch what happens.  He knows how it will end.  We are here to enjoy the ride.  Stopping, and stepping back and realizing that what we have is good enough, as long as Jesus is in our hearts. 

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