Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Elijah, Really?

Elijah! Elijah! Elijah!
What was he thinking....Let's go back to the beginning shall we? 
Elijah  shows the 450 prophets of Baal that His God is greater.  He sacrificed a bull and wet the entire surrounding area of the alter, so much so that there was water puddling up underneath it.  Elijah asked God to show up, and God showed up in a BIG way.  He lit the whole alter on fire. 
Elijah stood up to 450 prophets.  Have you ever stood up to someone?  Think back, high school, middle school?  Was there ever a time that you stood up for yourself or a friend?   Kind of scary, kind of hard. Elijah stood up to 450 bullies!  Amazing. 
 Now enters Jezebel, the scariest bully of all.  She found out about Elijah. Those 450 prophets were her buddies.  They even dined with her.  She was not happy.  She sent word that she wanted to GET Elijah. 
Now Elijah is a brave, strong prophet of God, what do you suppose he did?  Stood up to Jezebel. Sent an army of angry angels.....Nope...He fled.  Really Elijah? Really?  You just stood up to 450 bad guys.  Surely you can handle one lady.  What was Elijah? 
Think about it. When things are great we don't always talk to our Heavenly Father.  When things are bad we are sometimes mad at God.  He is always with us, no matter.  God is ready to guide us through the highs and lows of our life.  When things are going great, God is there cheering us on.  When things are going bad, God is right there to hold our tears in His hands. 
God cared for Elijah and sent an angel to him to give him food and drink.  "Arise and eat for the journey is too great for you" 1 Kings 19:7. 
The next time you feel like you can't do it...Remember that God already did it.  The journey is too great, but nothing is too great for God. We are human, just like Elijah...but thank goodness God loves is anyway!
1 Kings 18-19

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