Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Dirty, Washed, Folded, Put Away

I do not like to put clothes away.  I will wash, dry, fold and then, that's it.  Our clean clothes sit in the basket for days, maybe even a week.   Or if I am motivated to actually sort the clean clothes, they then stay in piles on our bed, on top of the dresser or on the floor.  Hanging up clothes, forget about it! That's why we have a chair in our bedroom, right? They can lay in piles on the chair for weeks.  This drives my husband CRAZY!  I try to do better each time.  I like having my clothes in the drawer and on hangers, I just don't like doing it.  If only there was a machine invented...

Wouldn't it be AWESOME to throw dirty clothes in the washer, then the same machine dries them, then folds them, then puts them on hangers.  That would be the best.  I would pay good money to have my socks sorted, matched and put away! My poor family never has matching socks to wear, literally  never!

Why stop at laundry?  Why can't the dirty dishes get from the sink to the dishwasher to the cabinet.  I mean, really? Why do we even need plates?

Life can make messes.  I have three little boys and everyday is messy.  Every day there are Lego's all over the floor, super hero costumes hanging on the banister and monster trucks strewn about.  We've even had toothpaste hand prints on the wall. Don't even get me started on the baby powder explosion in the play room.  (I can't make this stuff up, folks!)

I am going to be honest.  I do not always keep myself "clean" in the dirty situations.  I yell, I get frustrated, I cry, I wanna pull my hair out.  I want to blame other people for my misfortunes.  I want to criticize when I am the one that needs to reflect.  I don't confront when needed, because I want to keep the peace.  I will take the blame to keep someone else happy.  The messy grown up stuff in life is hard.  No one said that growing up was easy, I just don't want to always act like a grown up.  Why can't a 33 year old have a tantrum in the middle of Target because they don't have my size?! Why can't I break the rules and go through the 20 items or less line at Walmart with a buggy full of stuff?!

Why can't someone invent a machine that can take all of OUR dirty?  Wouldn't it be great to throw all of our anger, anxiety, temper, depression, fears, worries into a big machine that took it all away?  All of the dirty would be washed, dried, folded and put away neatly in our drawers.  We would be cleansed of  all of the things that hold us down.  All of the things that crowd our hearts and minds would be washed clean.  We would come out on the other side 'smelling like roses'. 

Sometimes the process is not desirable.  Feelings get hurt, and hard life changing decisions have to be made.  The process is what we learn from.  The process is when God can change and grow us.  It is often the time when we are at the end of ourselves, so God can pick up the pieces and help us get to the clean other side.

 JESUS is our machine!  He is the one that will cleanse us and make us white as snow.  He is the one that will wash away our sins, press us into His purpose and fold us inside His presence.  I love that our God is a God that forgives, grows, and carries us along the way.  

Check out this link! Great song! Jesus Paid it all!

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