Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My mini mission trip

Today I am going on a mission trip. I am  packing my bags.  I have my suitcase open.  I am throwing in movies, nebulizers, Tylenol, and lots of coffee.  I am packing pajamas, vitamins, and juice.  I am taking  toy cars and fruit, maybe even popcorn. Customs is no problem on this trip.  Wait...  This doesn't sound like a mission trip to you?  I am not going to a foreign country.  I do not need hiking boots or a sleeping bag.  I don't even need my passport.   I am however,  going to pray without ceasing.  I am going to lay hands on others and pray for healing and grace.  I will fully rely on God to get me through this trip.  

I have been to Peru on a mission trip.  The travel time is almost 24 hours.  We took a plane, a bus, and a van just to get to the starting point of our trek.  We hiked the Andes mountains and handed bibles to the Quechua people.  People who have never heard the gospel were able to see Jesus in us.  We showed the "Jesus Film" in their native language, and shared our testimonies.  It is a hard trip.  We hiked 7-10 miles a day.  Rocky, steep elevations.  Narrow paths.  At night we stayed in tents in the villages.  In the morning we would have frost on the outside of the tents.  It is hard, but totally worth it.  The experience of literally walking with Jesus is more than I can put into words.  I was overcome with emotions almost everyday.  The spiritual strength that God granted me was amazing!  Not only did we show Jesus to others, Jesus revealed himself to me in ways I didn't expect.  He gave me physical strength to get through the trek.  He gave me mental strength to handle seeing the things on our path.  Most importantly I allowed God to use me and guide me.   

I have gone to Peru twice.  Each time I come home,  I crave the feeling of Gods presence.  I want to feel Him.   Truly feel Him.  I will admit that in Peru I need him more.  Here at home I am overloaded with conveniences and comforts that cloud my heart.  I have to seek Him more here in the comforts of my home.  

Today is different.  Today I vow that this will be my mission trip.  After all, isn't this my everyday mission field.

You see, my littles are sick.  I haven't had a full nights sleep in four nights.  Walker has had night terrors.  He is congested, coughing and running a fever.  Carter woke up with croup, hacky, barky cough.  He was up every half hour last night.  When he wasn't up, Walker was.  I have a sore throat...

 This is my mommy mission field.  I am going to fully rely on God.  If I don't then I will fall.  I am going to let God light my path.  If I don't I will fall to darkness.  I am going to pray over my sweet babies, and allow God to take care of them.  I am going to LET GOD, BE GOD.  Today is my mini mission trip.  I pray that it doesn't just last today, that everyday is my mini mission trip.  I pray that I don't get bogged down by the everyday life, that I can feel the presence of God in my daily life.  

I pray that you take that vow today as well.  LET GOD, BE GOD in your life today and everyday.  See and feel the presence of God!!!

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