Friday, January 10, 2014

FIVES on Friday

My handsome hubby recently had Lasik eye surgery.   So it got me thinking, when was the last time you thought about you five senses?

The FIVE senses

1-SIGHT- When was the last time you thanked your eyes for seeing?  How about thanking them for reading this awesome blog?  Have you ever thought what your eyes actually do?  I can't even comprehend how God has made our eyes able to see.  To see the beauty that He has made....

2- HEAR-  Hearing beautiful music, hearing your kiddos scream, hearing advice.  Being a listener to a friend in need, hearing the sounds of a child laughing.  Your ears help you hear happy and sad, pleasant and unpleasant.  You can hear a warning or a concern, or incredible life changing news.

3- SMELL- Smelling...OK, so I am a mom of boys.  I smell lots of different smells throughout the day.  Most of them are not pleasant.  Most of the smells are usually followed with some sort of token of accomplishment.  For example, "it" is always announced, "that was a stinky one" is usually said afterwards.  I do not have alot of sweet smells that come my way.  Bath nights are nice, soap and shampoo smell good... then the BOY smell lingers in.  My car permanently smells like feet!

4- TASTE- This is one of my favorites...I mean come on, tis the season to bake, and eat, and consume sweets.  I am a self admitted sugaraholic.  I love sweets.  The taste buds amaze me,  how each little bump can detect  a completely different taste.  Sweet, salty, sour, bitter.  One of the best things about having kids is giving a little one a lemon.  Don't you love to watch their little faces shrink up and pucker after eating something sour?

5-TOUCH- Feeling something smooth or rough.  Feeling the soft skin of a new born.  Feeling something wet, cold, hot or sticky.  Holding your spouses hand and feeling the warmth from their hand.  Giving a hug to a friend can let them know you care.  Greeting someone with a handshake, patting someone on the back, or giving a high five.

Pretty cool when you think about the amazing things your body can detect and react to.  Thank you Jesus for not making me understand how all of this works and just simply being able to enjoy it.

Just another Random Fives on Friday!

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