Monday, March 17, 2014

Yup! This totally happened!

This is a post to help you feel better about your parenting...

So, my husband was out of town last week.  When he is out of town I let the boys take turns sleeping in bed with me.  I had tucked Carter into my bed, got Walker into his bed and proceeded to check on Tyler. 

That's when I heard a POP! 
Walker came running out of his room with a terrified look on his face.  "What happened?" "What did you do?"

He's response was that the penny went POP!  Ummm...OK!  
That's when I knew something wasn't right.  When they admit to a little bit of the crime, it usually means they did something pretty crazy.

Walker decided that it was a good idea to pull his night light out of the socket just a little bit, THEN DROP A PENNY DOWN ON THE PRONGS!!!

Seriously!!!  How was this even a good idea.  How does one think to do something like this?
So I screamed.  I mean what else was I supposed to do, there were BURN marks on the outlet!!

So that freaked out the other two kids.  Then, I remember that I am the only adult in the house, so I need to get it together.  Breath...

All three boys ran and got under the covers in my bed.  I go to look at the fuse box.  I have no idea what to look for, but I have seen my husband open it up.  So that's what I did.  The fuse was actually switched to off, so I put it back on. 

When I made my way back up the stairs the lights in the whole house flicked.  That scared everybody all over again, even me!! 

Tyler and Walker slept on the floor in my room, Carter was in my bed, and,  I woke up every hour and sniffed the air to make sure their was no smoke.

WHEW! I was so glad to have my Hubs back home!

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