Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Time I....

This past weekend I did something radical.  I did something that made me uncomfortable, even anxious. 

I gave up social media for the ENTIRE weekend.  No Facebook, no Instagram, not even Pinterest could be found.  

And you know what the crazy part is?  I survived!!  I didn't break out in hives, or cause my head to spin uncontrollably.  I merely just lived my life...

I did not have to check on who was at what movie, or whose toenail fell off, or whose kid got the stomach bug.  I lived. I breathed.  I ate.  I went about my normal day.
It was freeing.  I felt empowered by my own life.  My own circumstances engulfed me.  I am not saying that I was on FB all of the time, but anytime I had a down minute, I would check it out.  Instagram, I probably looked at more often.  Don't lie, you do it too.

 Some of us even have "friends" on social media that we have never actually had a real conversation with.  We are engulfed in their pictures and their comments and the life they allow us to see.  We forget to look at our  own life and the greatness that we have.  We don't have to post a really cool picture about it, or comment that #wearehavingsomuchfun. 

I will admit there were times this weekend that I caught myself trying to click the app.  I even got on Pinterest, until my husband pointed out that, that too is social media.  

So what did I do instead? We built forts, watched movies, rode bikes, went to a play.  And no one had to know.  I didn't post #chillinwithmyhomies, or #threesillyboys. We had actual  conversations with each other.  It was great!

Don't get me wrong, I do not think that social media is bad.  Afterall I do have this little blog.  I do think that it can interfere with our own personal lives.  I just felt it was time for me to take a step back for a little while.  We used to be media free (TV included) twice a week.  It is a good check.  A time to reflect and be with the people you are with. (As I write this, I think it might be a good idea for my family to do again. p.s. don't tell the boys, they take it kind of hard).

So Lent is starting tomorrow.  And I have decided that part of my Lent experience is giving up social media every weekend.  Who knows, it may lead to more than just the weekend.  

Its time to get reconnected with our families and not the ones on our screens.  Why don't you join me?
I would love to hear from you.

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