Thursday, February 27, 2014

Can you swallow a pocket knife?

My Uncle Bill could do the most amazing trick. All of us kids could be mesmerized for hours. He would sit in an old wooden folding chair while my cousins and I would gather at his feet.  

Y'all, he could swallow his pocket knife!

I can't make this stuff up...  He would sit in his chair and in a grand, dramatic way he would choke down his pocket knife.  Us kids, would just stare at him, thinking he would just die, but instead he would cough, and hack, and up would come the pocket knife.

It was the coolest thing!  We would just watch and look at him in amazement.  The grown ups would stand around and chuckle at how the kids were so entranced by Uncle Bill.  It was magical.

It wasn't until I was a teenager that I figured out the he didn't actually swallow the pocket knife.  Actually if I'm totally honest, I think my older brother had to explain it to me (I know, Duh)

I'll admit it, it was kind of a let down.  I thought, why would he trick us, why would he let us on to believe he could do something so amazing?

But you know what...  He COULD do something amazing!  He was a cool great uncle.  We loved hanging out with him, and hearing his stories, and watching him do his trick.  He made us laugh, he kept us entertained (which was kind of a miracle).  We learned from him.  I have great memories of him and his cool trick.  I wanted to hang out there.  Truth be told, his wife Aunt Mary Helen, was a great cook too.  It was the perfect combination!

Isn't God kind of like this.  We go through really hard times, and wonder, why.  We get caught up in the let down of the moment that we find it hard to see the growth in the experience.  We grow so much during the hard times.  It's not a trick or a quickness of hands, its life.  Life at its best.  Life.  Learning.  Lessons.  

Look back at your life and pray over your hard times.  What lessons can you learn?  What friendships were formed out of those times?  What cool trick can you do because of it?

Can you swallow a pocket knife?

Disclaimer: No one was hurt in the making of this post... Do not try this at home, professionals only.

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