Friday, February 7, 2014

Fives on Friday...Weird Foods I've eaten

My husband and first born, are in Florida on a boar hunt.  I thought it would be fun to list five weird foods that I have eaten....

1) Squirrel
To some of you this is totally normal, for others you are completely grossed out.  When I was a little tom girl growing up on the farm, I would go squirrel hunting with my brother and dad.  We would have squirrel and gravy with homemade biscuits for Sunday supper.  Yummo!!!

2) Deer
First off let me state that it is deer meat.  We do not call it venison.  Again, I would go deer hunting with my daddy, and yes I have killed my own deer.  And yes, I have gotten the blood wiped on my face, (its a tradition for us wood people)... And... I just lost some readers.

3) Guinea pig
I am not talking about your pet Fifi.  I have been to Peru twice, Cuy, as the locals call it is a common thing on every Peruvian menu.  Its really good, it tastes a lot like pork.  The villagers raise cuy.   They would sometimes give it to us as a thank you for coming to their village.  

4) Ethiopian Bread
I know this doesn't sound exotic or eccentric, but have you tried it...  Its grey, kind of wet,  and spongy.  I think it is an acquired taste, which I have yet to acquire.

5) Cow heart
This is also a  delicacy in Peru.  I must admit this was not one of my favorite things.  But, when in a foreign country, you must eat like the locals.
BONUS-  Bear, Elk, Snapping Turtle, Rabbit, pretty much any wild game meat-  Almost every year my dad's hunt club has  a Critter Cooking.  Its pretty much anything that you have killed over the year, you cook it up and everybody digs in.  It is also a fundraiser, its a win win!

 Food is only weird if you let it be. "Weird" food is all about perspective.   Let me know what weird things you have eaten.  I would love to know, maybe I need to try something new.  Maybe you need to try something new.

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