Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Snow! Snow! And more Snow!

We live in North Carolina.  I have lived here my whole entire life and it is very, very rare that we get alot of snow.  In fact we are made fun of because we shut down if we get a few inches.  Milk and bread are complete necessities, and are often sold out at the stores during these drastic snow storms.

Well, this winter, we have gotten SNOW! And alot of it.  Y'all, like, ALOT!

This is like 15 feet in southern measurement!

Carter loved picking up chunks of ice...Don't eat yellow snow!

Sometimes you just gotta lay down!

Carter kept throwing Walker down and wrestling. Walker didn't care.

Tyler made about a bazillion snow balls.

I don't think Walker could didn't seem to bother him!

The Sled master!

The sled was bigger than he was.

I am glad that it snowed and the kiddos got to play in huge amounts of it.  But I am ready for my flip flops and humidity.  Enjoyed it while it as here, but glad to see it go.

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