Saturday, January 14, 2012

Our Little Mason Jar

We have recently implemented a new thought in our house.  A great idea I found on Pinterest....which by the way I am soooo addicted to, Thanks Rachel! Anyway....We have started a blessing jar!  Each day we write on a piece of paper something that was really awesome for that day.  It could be anything....Mac and cheese for supper(I have little kids), to patience throughout the day, great reading time with Tyler, or a caring thoughtful husband. 
I love this little mason jar! When I pass it I get excited as to what fills it up.  The little things in a day that put a smile in our hearts. The little moments in a day that God blesses us with.  These are the things that are often looked over or forgotten.  I tend to remember the times when I yelled, or my kids were a mess in the store.  This little jar has changed my outlook.  I am looking for the great little moments.  The moments that need to fill the space in that little mason jar. 
This little mason jar has made me a better mom. I know it sounds weird, but really....  I now think about my actions, and pray more for patience.  I want more laughing in the day than discipline. 
Now we are counting our blessing's...but I am soon realizing that is a feat that is impossible!

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