Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Give the Poopy diapers to God?

You have heard the song; Everything you do for the glory of the Lord, who made us, because he made us....
Well I have been thinking about this alot.  We are commanded to do everything for Gods Glory.  Everything...Really???  What about vacuuming?  What about cooking supper?  OK...what about changing poopy diapers? EVERYTHING?  How does this work, I mean it's poop.  So that got me thinking (I know, watch out!), How can I make every little thing I do to be glorifying to the Lord.  So I made a list,  oh, how I love lists!
1. When I am vacuuming, simply pray for the little feet that cross the floor, pray for fun to be had on my stained carpet, pray that the new stains that will inevitable be placed on the carpet came from happy little boys.
2. While I am cooking supper, pray that the food would be well received (um...sometimes I am not the greatest cook), pray that table talk will be centered around God.  And pray that I don't burn the nutritional food that I am trying to make.  Pray that while I am cooking supper that my little one's will love one another in a way that will not make them scream and holler.
3. Poopy diapers... While I am cleaning up that wonderful poop.  I am praying that this little boy will grow up to be a true man of God.  That he will love the Lord with all of his being.  That he will make a Godly impression on his world.

I know this may seem a bit silly, but God wants every part of us, the good the bad and the poop!


  1. Love this Katie! Leave it to you to bring glory to God while you are changing a poopy diaper! Thanks for reminding me to do this in even the most unpleasant tasks! Love you girl!

  2. This is more profound than your title lets on - such good and meaningful lessons katie. Thanks for sharing. It reminds of a book that has left a huge impression on me as a mom - a small book called "Practicing the Presence of God". I think it is written by Brother Lawrence (a monastery monk who's job was to do janitorial work and cook).