Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Share a little spit and dirt....

One of my many favorite stories of Jesus is when he healed the blind man.  It is such a simple but profound story. 
 Jesus was in Bethsaida, people of the village brought him a blind man and asked him to heal the man.  Jesus, in true Jesus style took the man out of the village, you know, where there are less paparazzi.  Incognito.  There Jesus spit...OK...did you hear me...He SPIT!  Time out...this is what baseball players do, and little boys (all of the time, so much so that we have a rule at my house that you can only spit outside or in the bathroom sink, I'm not kidding!)
The Son of God spit on the ground.  I am sure the disciples were like, "Hey Jesus, do you need some water or something, how about a nap, I think you are too tired to think clearly right now".  If I were Jesus I would be grinning, thinking, "just wait boys, something cool is about to happen."
Jesus was not too tired, he did not need water, he knew exactly what he was doing, I mean it's Jesus for crying out loud!  It's Jesus spit! He rubbed the ground and made mud.  I can only imagine how long this took.   (Remember, I have little boys, It takes a while, trust me! )
 From that wonderfully gross, wet, soothing, mud something amazing happened.  Jesus spit a miracle!   Jesus rubbed the blind mans eyes and he could see.  Just like that! A miracle out of some of the dirtiest, grossest stuff; spit, dirt, mud.  That is all Jesus had.  That is all the Son of God needed.
Think about all of the resources we have.  What could we do! The possibilities are endless.  With just a little spit a miracle could happen. 
Spit on something and see what you can do!

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