Monday, February 13, 2012

I'm a Mess!

This weekend I took  a much needed road trip with my best good friend Rachel.  We drove five hours one way, no radio, no movies, just good old fashion girl talk, and boy did we talk.  Have you ever had a friend where you can just sit in silence and not be uncomfortable?  Well.... this was not a time where there was any silence.  When there was silence, we were just catching our breath!

We saw Lysa Terkeurst.  AMAZING....  She talked about many things that were powerful.  One thing that stuck out to me was that we do not have to be perfect (I one is.)  But don't we try to be?  Don't we always pretend to have our lives completely intact?  Think about it.  In blog world, don't you show everybody the good, the clean, the perfect kids?  On Facebook, you don't put the pictures of you fresh out of bed; you post the ones in full make up, nicely dressed, great hair.  We show everyone the perfect husband, the perfect wife, the perfect kids, the perfect life.  Why?  What are you afraid of?  God did not intend for us to be perfect.  There has been only one person to walk the earth that was perfect...drum roll please....Jesus!  Why do we put up a false wall? it goes.  I am going to spill the beans.....Here are just a few flaws I have. 

My confession to all of blog world!
I'm a Mess
I don't like to clean.
I often have a pile of dirty clothes higher than my two year old.
My children usually have snot dripping out of their noses.
I yell.
I am not a good cook
I always have dirty dishes in the sink.
I don't take a shower everyday.
I eat chocolate right before bed.
I color my hair
My kids often have food on there face.
I let my 3 year old eat potato chips for supper.

There I did it! Now you know just a handful of my imperfections.  It is now out in cyber world for all to judge. 

 But,  before you judge me make a list of your own flaws.  Then at the bottom, put these words.
GOD STILL LOVES ME!  If we were all so perfect,  had everything together and in place, would we need to fall to our knees and pray? Would we really fully rely on God everyday? 

We are all imperfect, broken people.  We are all a mess.  In the wise words of Lysa, God sent a MESSiah.  It is not by accident that the first four letters spell MESS.

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  1. Great job that Katie! I have one to add for one of your kids and their Life Groups Pastor, but we will keep that one private! LOL. Taking our masks off is so freeing. There is a Steven Curtis Chapman song called "Broken" and it fits me! Thanks for sharing.