Saturday, February 25, 2012

Never Gonna grow Up!

This week I celebrated my 32nd birthday! Woohoo!! 
I love birthdays.  Every year I always want to do something different, amazing, fun, out of the ordinary.  This year was no different.  But what should I do, skydiving, circus school, trampoline jumping... Nope, something cooler.  How about a scavenger hunt!  I will gather all of my friends and they have to collect things about me (it is MY birthday after all).  Why not act like a kid for one night?

So I decided, I don't want to grow up!
Grown ups have to wash behind their ears, eat lots of green veggies, and pay bills.  They have to act responsible and use manners.  Grown ups have to wear socks that match and brush their hair.  One day out of the year shouldn't we be able to be silly and goofy and not have a care in the world? Shouldn't we be able to eat as much cake as we want?  Don't you wish that you don't have to worry about bills, and car payments?

You know Jesus was a little like this.  (He didn't have bills to pay, well expect for our salvation!) He wanted the little children to come to Him.  He tells us to have a child like faith.  Believe in Him no matter what.  Forget about our worries, our bills, our problems.  Give it all to Him.  Be silly for God.  What better way to get Jesus in your heart then by acting like a child.

For one day remember what it feels like. Remember when you would run down the street arms failing, feet pounding, heart racing. Pretend for one day that we don't have to wear matching socks, eat as much cake as you want, and act like a child of God!

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