Monday, February 6, 2012


So, I have a friend who is fasting from excess.  She got the idea from a crazy book  called Seven.  The mom in the book gave up one excessive thing every month for seven months.  She chose media, food, clothing, spending etc. She did this in order to rid her life of things that got in the way of her relationship with Christ.

Wow! How disciplined, how spiritual, how...wait, what?  Did I just agree to do this with her?  Quick, change the subject, maybe she didn't hear me....Oops, too late, the words are out of my mouth. 
So here it goes...For the month of February we will be unplugged....
I decided that for my family two days a week would work best.  I mean, let's face it the TV is very helpful in a house full of little people. (Don't judge me, it's just how it is). At first Tyler really did not want to give up his DS. We talked about how things keep us from focusing on the good in life that God has given us.  Like spending time together.  We as a family needed to be reminded.
On Thursday, our first day of being unplugged, the sky's opened up and blessed us with sunshine and warmth.  No need to be inside thinking about Pinterest, and Facebook.  It was a beautiful day.  We played outside most of the day.  God is good.  He knew that we needed a boost to get going. That night instead of winding down with TV and angry birds, Andy and Tyler actually built a volcano.  How cool! 

 Now Andy and I are excited about Tuesday and what we will do.  We may just dust off the puzzles and board games.  Or build the biggest volcano with smoke and fire and real dinosaurs....ok, maybe not dinosaurs, but fire would be cool....

Why not be unplugged for one day?  What are you afraid of?  Comfort, silence, stillness?  See what God is trying to tell you, but because of all of the noise around you, you can't hear Him.

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