Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Advent (better late than never)

For the past few years my family and I have celebrated the Christmas season with a countdown to Jesus birthday.  Each day of the countdown the boys open a bag.  In the bag is a bible verse for the day representing the birth of our Savior.  Each bag also has a random act of kindness, or a special treat, craft or family activity.  

I have made my own bags in the past and used paper bags. Never really pleased with the outcome.    This year I finally found affordable burlap bags at Micheal's!  I love them and they were $1.00 for two.

We hang the bags on the garland going up our stairs, that way we do not forget to open the bag for the day.

I printed and laminated the bible verses. I could not find my original list, but I did find another one you could use. 

Every year I add to our Random Acts of Christmas Kindness.  I try really hard to meet the needs of our local community.  I encourage you to look in your own community and and make an impact.  Call your church, the homeless shelter, the local hospital or nursing home.  Ask what needs your family can meet.  Remember that you do not have to give money.  Your time and your gifts are truly valuable as well. 

Below is the list that I add and change to every year.

Advent- Countdown to Christmas

-      Take a box of toys, puzzles, balls, crayons, coloring books to local Children’s hospital.
-      Place one dollar bills throughout the dollar store.
-      Drop off laundry detergent and dryer sheets at Laundromat.
-Bake cookies and goodies to give away to the fire dept.
-Bake cookies and goodies to give to neighbors.
-Buy toys for needy kids.
-Pick up buggy's from the parking lots.
-Go Christmas caroling.
-Make ornaments to give to local nursing home.
-Place post it notes with encouragement throughout Target.
-Offer to babysit for free.
-Give out gift cards to strangers.
-Drive through neighborhoods and look at Christmas lights with hot chocolate.
-Make star twig ornaments to give away
-Cook a meal for a friend, just because.
-Leave a note of encouragement on a car windshield.
-Tie balloons to random cars
-Collect canned goods from neighbors and donate to local food pantry.
-Pay for the next person in takeout line.
-Donate books to a preschool, school or library.
-Take gently used toys to preschool.
-Write cards to grandparents and mail them.
-Give sweet treats to our mailman, dry cleaners, garbage men.
-Collect old clothes and donate to shelter.
-Do something nice for a family member, siblings.
-Take a giant can of coffee to homeless shelter.
- Use sidewalk chalk and go to a friends house and draw pictures and write words of encouragement on their driveway.

Please comment below for other fun family ideas, I am always looking to add to my list.
Happy Advent!

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