Tuesday, December 3, 2013

People with kids

An Ode to parents everywhere...You are not alone.

People with kids are tired.

People with kids have broken furniture.

We have to go to places like Monkey Joes, and Chucky Cheese.

People with kids have 'refrigirator art'.

We can give "the look".

We can count to three very well.

Our couch has been peed on.

If we get a candy bar, we have to share.

We receive gifts of weeds and dead bugs, and display them proudly.

We have piles of dirty laundry.

People with kids have sticky floors.

We can recite Disney Movies verbatim.

We eat our food in shifts, even when its cold.

People with kids never sleep alone.  We usually have a foot in our face.

We wipe snot on our jacket sleeves.

People with kids drive mini vans, and still think they are super cool. 

People with kids read the same books over and over again.

We say "Yay!, good job" when our child falls down.

Grown men wear princess hats and have tea parties.

Grown women cry over a scribbled, colored piece of paper.

People with kids...

I am a "People with kids".  I wouldn't trade it for the world.  The snot, crying, screaming, laughing, giggling little joys that God has blessed us with, are ours.  Only on loan from the Lord.  They make me better. I am constantly striving to be the mom they need me to be.

During this crazy season filled with artificial things, keep your eyes to the one who create you to be a "People with kids".  And remember that you are a child of God.  He is the ultimate Father, who sent His child to us, to save us...

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  1. All of that sounds just like our Oehler house! We are people with kids and I would NOT have it any other way!!!