Friday, December 13, 2013

Fives on Friday- FIVE places to shop that give back

This Christmas season I have tried really hard to shop locally and to shop at non profits and organizations that give back to others.  Here are just FIVE of the many that are available.

1- Beautiful and beloved-
Every purchase you make will help empower a survivor of slavery. They have amazing necklaces, bracelets, scarfs, purses and other amazing pieces.  They also have men's wallets.  Each piece tells a story of someones life and what they are trying to do to overcome injustice in their lives.

2- Mercy Ink-
Each gift helps support adoption.  They create beautifully designed prints, and necklaces.  They have prints specifically designed for adoption as well.

3- Amazima Ministry-
OK, So I totally want to be Katie Davis when I grow up.  She runs a huge ministry in Uganda Africa. Her ministry employs Ugandan woman and feed hungry children.  They have beautiful paper bead necklaces.

4- Punjammies -
This is a great place to get awesome pajamas! The international Princess Program supports women who have been freed from sex trafficking and help them achieve lives of hope and dignity.

5- Sole Hope-
This is a pretty awesome place too!  You can buy T-shirts, shoes, and bags, but the really neat thing is that you can host a shoe cutting party.  Sole Hope cleans and heals the feet of those infected with jiggers in Africa by creating closed toed shoes. Shoes heal and protect feet from further infection.  Sole Hope also employs the men and women in Uganda and surrounding areas to actually sew the shoes together.  

 These are only FIVE of the thousands of organizations available. Research and find the perfect gifts for your loved ones this season.  This season purchase to change a life! 

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